Alistair Craig

I chose to design for Justees after spending 4 weeks in Cambodia in association with Servants at their request.

As a graduate of Peace & Conflict Studies at Otago University, and someone who has travelled and seen poverty/persecution and injustice amongst many of the worlds poor and marginalised, I am more than happy to contribute my vocational skills to assisting people who are working to create change.

I designed Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Connect To Life, Upgraditis, Defense Budget, Communisim, and Greed.

Visit my website Serious Medicine to see more of my work.

Steve Tripp

Justees is a ‘sign’. It’s not a sign that we have reached a goal but a sign to show that we are on the right track. It’s a recognition that we are all on a journey seeking justice. For the young men involved in the Justees workshop the sign is pointing to the possibility of lives that are different to the lives of poverty and powerlessness that surrounds them. For those who look on Justees as a model for social enterprise it’s a sign that we can act in the world in a way that tilts the balance toward good. For those who buy the t-shirts it’s a sign that they can purchase products in an ethically sustainable way and, of course, they get a great product with a message that points toward a better world for all.

More Designers Wanted

Do you have a talent for design? A passion to see justice in the world? We are looking for original designs that creatively share the justice message.

Have a great idea? Contact us to find out specifications for submissions.

If your design gets chosen and printed we will send you 4 free t-shirts of your choice and list you as a designer on our website.

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