When you order a t-shirt or bag from Justees, your product has been handmade in Cambodia by workers who are given a fair wage and good working conditions.  At Justees we handle the screen-printing, but we are conscious about the whole process of making the shirt and want to make sure the products creation process reflects our justice message. 

For our range of tees, we partner with a local lady who sews our tees with cloth that we have imported in from Thailand.   We have moved to this method so that our cloth is a consistent quality and thread count for all designs and colors.  For custom printing with this cloth we are able to offer 57 colors of cotton to our customers.  For large custom orders your order will be sewn by this lady, but for some smaller orders, short lead times and orders with sports cloth, polo cloth and other options, these may be sewn by other suppliers that we use here in Phnom Penh (who we have checked out their conditions).


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