When you order a t-shirt or bag from Justees, your product has been handmade in Cambodia by workers who are given a fair wage and good working conditions.

At Justees we handle the screen-printing but we are conscious about the whole process of making the shirt and want to make sure the products creation process reflects our justice message.

To do this we partner with Rajana Crafts for the sewing.  Rajana is an independent, Cambodian run, non-profit social enterprise. They employ artisan garment makers all over Cambodia. Rajana allows them to work from their home so that they can earn a living while caring for their family.

We work with Rajana to purchase remnant cloth from the markets in Phnom Penh that is left over from large clothing factories. By purchasing remnant fabrics we ensure the same quality a customer would receive at the store but also reduce the environmental impact by keeping these extra sections of fabric from being thrown away.

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